Seiple Farms – Bath, PA

Taken 10/9/11

I type this from my living room, a candle lit, windows open, and one of my favorite horror movies, Creepshow, projecting on my television.  All I need is a full moon peeking through my window, a pumpkin latte, and I got myself an early Halloween.  The warmth of Autumn is right around the corner and this will be the first of many times I proclaim my love for the season.  I will admit that this year has flown by way too fast, but I hope when the leaves start to turn golden brown, it lasts forever.

The photo I posted above is one of my all-time favorite photos.  Sometimes you take a photo and catch yourself looking at it longer than you should.  You then shake yourself from that daze and just tell yourself, “it is just a photo you took.”  I tend to do that with this photo though, but it reminds me of my favorite season instantly.

My model, the pumpkin, must have been the most perfect pumpkin in the patch and easy to work with I might add.  The orange was vibrant and the stem had the perfect color green.  I like that you can see more of the pumpkin patch and other pumpkins blurred in the distance.  What I truly love is the tree off in the distance.  I feel it adds a little something special to the photo. Lastly, the sky is a true blue, it makes everything pop.  This photo just takes a hold of me and reminds me this is what autumn is all about.

Every month of October I try to do something “Halloween” related.  One excursion I can count on is the pumpkin patch.  I will be honest, I haven’t been to many pumpkin patches, because I go to the same one every year.  They always have more to offer than just pumpkins and you are taken out in the field by a tractor to pick your own pumpkin.

The location I speak of is Seiple Farms and it is located in Bath, Pennsylvania.  Not far from the Lehigh Valley airport.  This family owned farm has been in operation since 1889.  Year round they offer many different activities.  May/June is for strawberry picking, September/October is for pumpkin picking, and November/December is for holiday tree picking.

During September/October, Seiple’s offers food, pumpkins, apple cider, farm animals, and rides for children.  I find it to be the best pumpkin patch, and no that isn’t because they have funnel cake.  It is because you can spend almost all day there and get lost out in the field picking pumpkins or corn.  Coming back in from picking a pumpkin, you can get a scare by going into the Haunted Barn.  This family owned farm really does capture the feel of autumn and every year I can’t wait to go and feel young again.

I do have other photos from the last time I went, but I will save them for later.  As posted before in the Bethlehem post, this was the other photo I submitted for the calendar at my job.  Sadly it didn’t make it, but it doesn’t stop me from loving it.  There is something about the feel of autumn that touches me deep.  I don’t know what it is, I don’t know why I have such a strong bond with it, but I know when the season comes around and the cool air hits my skin, I am overwhelmed with the best feeling no one can describe or take away.

“Have the leaves turned green to golden?
Has my sense of smell relied on cinnamon and nutmeg?
Has the crisp cool air warmed my bones?
Is it Autumn yet?”


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