The City I Live In For Now Easton, PA – 9/30/12

Just when I thought it was getting easier, the pressures of work and school just keep coming with the punches.  It’s sad really.  I wait till the end of the week just to have room to breathe, but then the week goes by and I have nothing to show for it.  One day it will all be over and I can just enjoy my surroundings.

This brings me to the past weekend.  Keeping my travels light, I ventured out to the city that I live in, Easton, Pennsylvania.  I have been living in Easton since March of this year I believe and usually jump right into a city.   I explore all the possibilities, but for some reason I haven’t done that yet.  Maybe it is because of my busy schedule or maybe it is because I don’t know anyone here.  For whatever reason, something is stopping me it seems.  Except this past weekend I made my first rounds.

Easton is a nice city and very clean.  There are plenty of horror stories of the city with crime and what not, but let’s be serious, what city doesn’t have crime.  Personally I don’t feel the least bit scared, and I usually go for a run at night.

I live close to the library, which has this beautiful church across the street.  Sadly I don’t know any of the history about any of the buildings, yet.  I will eventually educate myself when I make more rounds around the city.

Easton to me is a little Philadelphia, with randomly placed alleyways and historic homes turned into beautiful houses or apartments.  There are plenty of shops and restaurants lined up, down, left, and right of the circle.  Again, I need to educate myself and stomach on these places.

Lastly how can we forget about, right across the bridge, is our friend New Jersey.  I am always crossing over to New Jersey every morning and I can’t help to look left and right.  I always see the train tracks and water.  For some reason I am always attracted to views like these.  Especially the trains for some reason.  Even at a young age, I always had a fascination with trains.  Now that I think about, everywhere I lived, I lived by train tracks.

I will probably write more about Easton once I get a better feel for the place, whenever that is.  I will say though, Easton has brought out some old haunts in my life.  Some that should be buried and dead, but have been resurrected.  What do I mean?  Well maybe in a couple more posts I will write the most personal post yet or not, haven’t decided.


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