I Am The Avalanche – Avalanche United

I Am The Avalanche - Avalanche United2012 is coming to a close in about a month and I couldn’t be happier.  When I look back on this year I see a few shiny moments, like getting a well paying job at a good company, living on my own, and finally owning a good camera.  The rest of the year could be forgettable.  I think it all started with finally walking away from someone I truly loved of three years.  When I look back at it, I feel like it was years ago, but in actuality it was only this year.  It is weird how time has been flying by.  I thought everything was getting better until the summer.  Something happened that put me into a spiraling downfall.  I finally picked myself up until the past two months I was tested once again.  I will eventually have a break, but until then I will keep pushing through with my chin up.

Going back to this summer, there was one album that stands out as my savior.  The album didn’t click when I first bought it actually.  I favored it, but I wasn’t playing it on repeat until now.  Avalanche United by I Am The Avalanche is an album that shows if you are patient, the best will come.  This is an album that took a few years to be made.  Like me, I Am The Avalanche went through hell to get where they are now.  Cutting ties with their former label Drive-Thru Records was the beginning.  After researching this album, I came to find out that Vinnie Caruana, lead singer, went through a divorce and anxiety attacks, which is prevalent in “I’ll Be Back Around”.

“One day we’ll be perfect,
One day we’ll all sleep safe and sound,
I swear on my eyes I’ll be back around.”

Somehow, through all the hardships, they managed to produce a highly satisfying record for new and old fans alike.  Even fans of Vinnie’s old band, The Movielife, will appreciate this album.  I will even go as far as saying that this is The Movielife, but on steroids.  The album comes off hard hitting and keeps throwing the punches.  Vinnie’s vocals are deep, raspy, and emotional throughout the album.  The musicianship seems tighter than ever also.  Drummer, Brett “The Ratt” Romnes, pulls double duties by leading the band into some of the best breakdowns I’ve heard from a rock band to also producing the album.

The lyrical content is as personal as it gets.  From appreciating where you’re from like “Brooklyn Dodgers” to visiting other countries like in “Amsterdam”, Vinnie’s lyrics are beautifully descriptive.  As I posted before, the last months have been a tornado of emotions.  Saying goodbye to loved ones hasn’t been easy, and the song “Dead Friends” paints that clearly.  Although, “Casey’s Song” says it best, as far as being beat down, but still standing.

“God, I need a holiday to say the least,
From this bashed in heart, a holiday.
Where’s my friends to dig me the fuck up out this deep rut?
And focus on the dream we had five years ago today?
I guess it’s time to believe.

Asking am I cursed or just secretly iron man?”

Another theme this album displays is of course heartbreak.  Like I said before, I read that Vinnie went through a divorce during this album and his anger is undoubtedly shown.  It turns into a full out murder scenario in “The Gravedigger’s Argument” featuring Bayside’s Anthony Raneri.  A song that describes a lover’s plan to bury their significant other alive.  Yet I think the best way to sum up my situation and Vinnie’s is in the first song, “Holy Fuck”.  This is a hard hitting, emotionally driven, kicked to the balls opening track.  I listened to this song constantly during my summer fiasco.  Everything mentioned in this song I can relate to 100%.  Like how Vinnie mentions in the song, if it wasn’t for the albums I listened to I would be in worse condition.

“Thank God it wasn’t winter when all this me and you shit hit the fan.
The sun, the streets, the records I bought were my crutches again and again.”

One can only hope that I Am The Avalanche will continue to make music.  After hearing this album, I am excited to see what they have in store next.  Since this release, I have seen them a couple of times, and their live show is just as good sounding as it is on wax.  Each member seems to be in good spirits, which gives me hope, because obviously they went through a lot of pity nonsense to get where they are today.  I can only hope that come 2013, I too will be in the best spirits, unless the world does end in December.

“Is this really happening?
The sun’s finally shining down on me.”

This variant is the second pressing to Avalanche United.  Originally only released on I Surrender Records, owned by Rob Hitt from the band Midtown, Clifton Motel Records got the licensing to release this album.  Clifton Motel Records, based out of New York, did a great job with this release.  Not only is the packaging sleek, but it also came with a nicely done lyric booklet.  The record itself is a baby blue white swirl, which looks just amazing.  It’s great seeing this album back in production and being pressed.  Watch out though, like the first pressing, the second pressing can sell out at anytime.  Who knows if it will be pressed again.

Look:  http://avalancheunited.com/
Listen:  http://soundcloud.com/i-am-the-avalanche
Buy:  http://www.cliftonmotelnyc.com/

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