Atlantic City, New Jersey – 7/13/13

Already half way through the year, and I have to say, this has been an amazing year so far.  Looking forward seems very bright, especially for this week.  I keep thinking maybe I should slow down, but then something comes along and I go with it.  This past weekend though, my friends and I decided to take a mini vacation.  Why not?  With a new car, I think now is better than any other time to get some miles on it.  I was at 24 miles when I bought it, now over 700 within a week.

The destination was Atlantic City, New Jersey.  A city filled with fortune tellers, waves, and gamblers.  Not my first choice for a beach town to visit, but my friends wanted to take a chance with it.  I’ve never been to Atlantic City and always envisioned it as a mini Las Vegas.  This city and Las Vegas always were cities in my mind that can only be enjoyed with friends.  Adventuring alone in these cities might not be as exciting as with others.

Unlike my friends, I only wanted to just get in the water.  Which I did, and I must say, the waves were fierce.  At one point the lifeguards yelled at us for being too far out.  I had no idea we were that far out, but the waves had a mind of their own and wanted us with them.  Once we were done swimming, we walked the miles and miles of boardwalk.  Many places to see yet not much to photograph.  I tried not to be a burden to my friends and stop so much to take photographs, but it happens when you’re the only one taking photos.

Once the night hit though, all the misfits and bachelorettes took to the boardwalk.  To them, this was feeling alive.  They had their Sunday best on and a mindset to let the night take them where ever the night wanted to go.  The night can be cruel, yet it can be warm.

Overall it was a nice weekend to get away and photograph something different.  Even though there was an odd haze in the sky the whole time, I was able to take some decent photographs.  I think one visit to Atlantic City was enough for me though.  I’ve been searching for a place that I can photograph and have chills run down me.  I don’t know where to begin or where to look, but I’ve gotten this feeling before and I think I know what it means.  Even though summer just started, my body yearns for autumn and in a way that I can taste it.  I feel my lyrics, poetry, or whatever you call it comes out the most when I get this feeling.

As I said before, this year is more than halfway through.  I have some big things planned and maybe some more.  Some of them I am still in shock, but I will take it one day at a time.  Whoever is reading this, if you live in the Scranton, Pennsylvania area, stop by the Warped Tour tomorrow for I will be running the Bridge 9 Records tent.  Say hi and buy some stuff.  I will see if I can get some photos, but who knows.  However, keep an eye out for futures posts.  Some I am too excited about.

I want to travel those country roads, and let the Autumn leaves just bury me.


5 thoughts on “Atlantic City, New Jersey – 7/13/13

  1. I would have so stopped by if I read this post last week! and I would love to see what you would do in Vegas! photos would probably be awesome!

  2. Oh sorry I just saw your comment about Vegas and thought if you ever did go to Vegas your photos would be amazing. You would be able to do so much with the beauty of the bright lights. I actually went there earlier this year on a vacation with some friends and it was pretty amazing. Just the architecture alone is gorgeous. Not old and beautiful, but just crazy, different, never seen anything like it. Wandering around the places for days on end is an adventure itself that leads to endless photos.

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