Glen Onoko – Jim Thorpe, PA – 7/27/13

“Take me to the mountains,
I want to know how much faith I’m going to need,
To move them or move anything.”

Someone above must have heard me and read my last post.  This past week, the weather in Pennsylvania has been beautiful.  A steady cool 70 degrees that has everyone thinking, “This is fall weather”, and it surely has felt like it.  It is interesting how our feelings and emotions change with the weather.  For me, autumn weather is when I feel the greatest.  I can’t explain what it does to me for there are no words.  The best I can describe it as is imagine that everything is possible and all there is in life is hope.  Everything makes sense and everything around you is love.  That is the closest I can describe how I feel about the season.  If autumn is creeping in closer than ever before, so be it, but sadly the East Coast might have witnessed its shortest summer in years.

My last post was a portrait of defeat, loss, and confusion.  However, to get out of that rut was something I should’ve done awhile ago.  My answer was always there waiting, and that was getting away to climb the mountain not only in my head, but in the wilderness.  There is something about hiking that, to me, it is almost like a rebirth.  When the world gets to be too much, I know I can still climb above it and look out and see what I have done.  Everything becomes clear and in some way you almost feel God-like.  Or maybe it is just being with nature knowing it is just you, the trees, and a path.  There is nothing but going forward, just like in life.

I first found this therapy after a break up with someone I truly loved.  I fought tooth and nail to get her back and asked the question, “What went wrong?”  After months and months of pondering, my friend brought me out to hike and like a light switch everything just turned off.  The second time was from another relationship that I knew from the start I shouldn’t be in.  The person made me someone I wasn’t. They took a positive person and broke them down, poisoned their spirit, and took everything for granted.  It was a dark period I try to erase.  There were lies on top of lies, and this person even got my friends to go along with her lies.  I just remember my heart saying run away, and I did one day.  Where I went, was to a mountain to climb.  Yet I only got half way and turned around.  If only I had listened to my heart and never let it get as far as it did.  I can only block that time out and say I overcame a person that is twisted, alone, and inhumane.

This brings me to now.  I realize what I needed wasn’t to step back from everything, but take a breath.  Originally, a group of my friends and I were suppose to go to World’s End, but due to timing constraints we had to find a closer area.  However, I will visit World’s End sometime this year because it looks amazing, but we decided to go to Glen Onoko in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania.  This would be my third time visiting, and since I was the only one who has been here, I lead the group.

First and foremost, if you go on this hike go visit the main street area of Jim Thorpe.  Just like Bethlehem’s main street, there are so many little spots to check out.  I might add it is better during the autumn months.  Now, I am no professional hiker, nor have I hiked at many places, but Glen Onoko seems like a great place to hike for anyone of any age.  I have seen every age group there including dogs.  With that said you still need to be careful.  Like any hiking grounds, one wrong step can cause minor to major damage.  When I hike though, I am off like a gun shot.  I tend to take the tough route because I want the challenge, but this lead to me leaving my group behind at times.  I just get too excited.

The trail is very straight forward, and to get lost is fruitless.  While climbing up, you see water flowing down nonstop by the hands of many waterfalls.  Until you finally reach the top.  The main waterfall is always a sight to see.  At Glen Onoko, if you are careful, you can even walk under the waterfall.  A little more climbing leads you to be on top of the waterfall looking out into the hills of Jim Thorpe.  Anytime I see this, I feel content.  With this trip I found out what I needed.  I needed to get back to simpler things in life, like hiking and being with nature.  The past few months I have been to city after city after city.  I lost connection with what I truly love about this world.  As much as I love the busy and congestive streets of a city, nothing beats the warmth of being away from civilization and seeing what is truly beautiful.

For my photographs, I realized after the fact that I needed my tripod.  To photograph moving water, it is best to turn your ISO way low.  Using a tripod would help in keeping the camera steady.  I didn’t post all of the photos, but just enough to show what water looks like without messing with any settings.  I hope that next time I will put these tricks into effect.

Lastly, and I forgot to mention this, is please check out the new album by The Begging Sea.  It features Nate Henry from Sherwood.  This is his new band and this album is just perfect and I am not just saying that because I had a part in creating this album.  This album really speaks volumes, and I think it might be my number one album of 2013.  Click on the link and listen to the album for free.  If you like it, buy it, maybe the clear green vinyl, or how about the c.d.?  I hear I am mentioned in the linear notes.  Either way, listen to this album, you never know, it might end up being your new favorite.



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