Jim Thorpe, PA – 10/18/13

Before heading off to Hazleton to photograph Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, see below post, I spent the day in one of my favorite cities.  My favorite cities have nothing to do with amazing food, good memories, or a great coffee shop that sells great chai, it is all about appearance and if I can walk around the streets for hours.  Jim Thorpe is one of those cities.  To me, Jim Thorpe is like a little Salem, Massachusetts, which happens to be my first favorite city.

I knew going into Jim Thorpe around this time of year would overwhelm me with the holiday season.  The thing about Jim Thorpe is that every house has decorations up and mixed with the way the housing is, it is how I imagine a Halloween town would like.  Also they give ghost tours around the city during the month of October.

I made sure to hit some of my favorite spots in Jim Thorpe.  The water, the jail, the mansions, and the main street.  A city rich in history, these types of places are what drive me to travel and seek.  I prefer the smaller cities that are built on community than the big skyscraper cities.  There is just something about them that has a charm that can’t be mimicked.

After a few hours, I made my way up the mountain to go to Hazleton.  Overall, not a terrible way to spend the day.  Now if only I can find a way to live there and still get to my job in New Jersey in under an hour.

JT 67 JT 68 JT 69 JT 70 JT 71 JT 72 JT 73

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