Hazleton, PA – 11/2/13

While on my way to Hazleton to photograph Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, I passed what looked like an abandoned church.  Making a mental note to come back to photograph, I decided on a beautiful autumn day to fulfill my request.

Arriving to what looked like an abandoned church, I thought I would only photograph the front of the structure.  However, on my way to the back of the church I was greeted to a scenery to remember this amazing autumn day to.

I did noticed that the inside of the church was bare.  There was no reason to go in, even though I could for the storm door was completely gone.  Also I was out in the open and anyone could have seen me.  I decided against it and left with the below pictures.

I don’t know if it is the autumn season, but this is the second time I went somewhere with something in mind and left with something better.

“The falling leaves,
The cool night breeze,
Autumn, I am in love with you again.”

Hazleton 1 Hazleton 2 Hazleton 3 Hazleton 4

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