Culprit – Planet Trog – Whitehall, PA – 1/4/14

One of my goals for this year is to photograph as much as I can and of anyone I can.  Last Saturday I was able to start this goal by attending a local show in Whitehall, PA.  Not only was this show my first of the year and the start of a new venture, but it was also my one year anniversary of doing concert photography.  Last year at this time I was in Philadelphia photographing Obi Fernandez.  Looking at those photos and these photos shows a real good progression.

I haven’t been to a local show in awhile and the band I was photographing was a band from Los Angeles, California called Culprit.  However, their guitar player, Brian Fulda, is originally from Bethlehem, PA.  I discovered the band from the music website where I met Brian.

I wasn’t familiar with Culprit’s music, but the best I can describe it is a mixature between Brand New and The Graduate.  They actually covered Brand New during their set and pulled it off quite well.  I must say for a band just coming into this big fish bowl of a music industry, Culprit has a good chance of being vital.  This show was part of their first short east coast tour, but it is only a matter of time till Culprit starts doing full national tours.

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