Against Me! / The Sidekicks / The Shondes – Chameleon Club – Lancaster, PA – 1/11/14

What seems like forever, I made my way back to Lancaster, PA.  It seems like my photography routing from last year is repeating this year.  However, the show I attended featured The Shondes, The Sidekicks, and Against Me.  The Shondes were the first band to take the stage.  I wasn’t too familiar with this band, but they have a unique sound and not because they have a violin player.  I think people in the audience were wondering why this band was on the bill, but vocalist Louisa Solomon definitely swayed them.  I myself enjoyed their set, for it got the crowd excited.

The next band was a band from Ohio called The Sidekicks.  I heard of the band prior to the show and thought they were good.  In a live setting, The Sidekicks played a set of pop-rock that reminded me of the Blue Album by Weezer.  It seemed like there were fans in attendance for them also.  The Sidekicks put on a tight set which made me think that this band would be great opening for Jimmy Eat World.

The headliner was Against Me.  The last time I saw Against Me was very much prior to Tom Gabel’s change to Laura Jane Grace.  It was a free show in Philadelphia with The Ataris.  However, I am here to say that regardless of who is singing or the member changes, Against Me put on a loud and energetic show.  I was blow away at how good they sounded.  As soon as Laura stepped on stage, the crowd went into a cheering fit and it didn’t stop from there.  Atom Willard destroyed the drums.  I was taken back at his drum playing and how hard he hit them.  I thought he would’ve broken a snare.  As for their new bass player, Inge Johansson, he did not stop for one second from jumping around on stage.  I would like to think that anyone that doubted this new carnation of Against Me will feel like a fool.  I think the band sounds tighter than ever and probably the best ever.  Their new album comes out next week and if you don’t see them live, go pick up the new album, Transgender Dysphoria Blues, and hear for yourself.

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