Big Bad Voodoo Daddy – Sands Event Center – Bethlehem, PA – 2/8/14

Ever since playing in Easton, PA for the first time 2 years ago, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy has made it a point to come back to the Lehigh Valley multiple times.  This time, they played on a bigger stage, a bigger crowd, and a big room for everyone to dance.  What else can I say about Big Bad Voodoo Daddy except that they came to Bethlehem to make everyone dance and have a good time and they sure did accomplish that.  Playing their crowd favorites and some of their new material off Rattle Them Bones, the crowd and the band seemed to be feeding off each other’s energy.  Scotty Morris is a true front man, for he went up to fans below and shook their hand during songs.  The rest of the band played flawlessly as always and keep the crowd moving till the last note rang out of their set.

I think this was the best show of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy I’ve seen.  Not only did it seem like the band was having a fun time, but so was the crowd.  This was the first time seeing an open pit where people could dance, and did they dance!  Seeing couples and others come dressed as if they were in the 1920’s was great to see.  I didn’t partake, but I was still watching in amazement.  Again, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy played another excellent show and I can’t wait for their return, and maybe I’ll finally hear “It Only Took a Kiss.”  If not, I’ll settle with dancing all night.

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