Sacred Cube – Trocadero Theatre – Philadephia, PA – 3/1/14

Finding time for myself is hard these days, but there is always time for a friend.  Last weekend I helped out an old college friend and his band, Sacred Cube.  They were on a bill for an all local band showcase at the Trocadero in Philadelphia, PA.  I am always impressed with shows at the Trocadero, but what is more impressive is hearing that over 500 tickets were sold collectively between all the bands.  That is an impressive feat for an all local band showcase.

Being on a bill with a handful of other bands is tough, especially for Sacred Cube being the second to last band to play for the evening.  I would think most bands were thinking, “I hope the crowd leaves remembering us”.  I think Sacred Cube accomplished that by playing all original material.  I was very surprised that all bands, and Sacred Cube, barely played any covers.

Sacred Cube is a rock band from Philadelphia, PA.  Their sound can be compared to Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, and Pearl Jam.  Their stage presence was impressive and I think everyone in the crowd agreed because out of all the bands that night, I think they received the loudest applause.

As for my friend, from seeing him play the dining rooms of our college to the main stage of the Trocadero, one, his technique is better than ever and two, I think he should keep his dreams as a drummer going no matter what.

Click some of the links below and check out Sacred Cube, and no matter where you are, always support local bands.

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