Bethlehem, PA – 4/11/14

It feels like I haven’t posted anything in a long time.  After the I Am The Avalanche show, it was back to the whole school regime, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Only two more classes and it feel glorious knowing that.  They say when you turn 27, which I will in May, monumental things happen in that year.  I can put finishing my MBA as pretty monumental, however, maybe something else big will happen.  Maybe being published?  Seeing Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Gaslight Anthem in Boston together will be monumental, maybe I will get a photopass.  Anything is possible in this world, and I don’t like to keep expectations because I like to be surprised at what happens next.  I hear I will be visiting Pennhurst in May…

Before school started back up, I took a day off from work to wander around my hometown of Bethlehem, PA.  Mostly I traveled around Bethlehem Steel and each time I do I still kick myself.  Growing up not even a stone throw away from the factory, I wish I would’ve gone in to see it in all its abandoned glory.  My friends and I adventured around Bethlehem, but for some reason we never thought, “let’s sneak into Bethlehem Steel”.  I chalk it up to that I was young and didn’t have my eyes open yet.  There is probably a way to get into what is left of the factory, but at this point it has been gutted and quite possibility no relics from that time except the shell of the factory.

As far as these photos go, I am still not happy with my Bethlehem photos.  I have taken almost 100 photos of Bethlehem and each time I do, I think there is something missing.  Maybe it is because I’ve lived there my entire life that nothing here inspires me anymore or maybe I need to start looking at this city from a different angle.  Whatever it is, maybe I will finally get that photo I want of Bethlehem and maybe it will be when I am 27.

“The things I believed when I was seventeen,
Just posters on walls, song lyrics, and dreams”

Bethlehem 89 Bethlehem 90 Bethlehem 91 Bethlehem 92 Bethlehem 93 Bethlehem 94 Bethlehem 95 Bethlehem 96

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