The Movielife/Crime In Stereo – Theatre Of Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA – 3/6/15

In 2013 I learned something through this crazy weird life.  Nothing is impossible.  I look back at all the things I’ve done and seen and I always think, “how?”.  When 2014 ended, I realized I’ve photographed a lot of bands that I grew up listening to that have broke up, but are now back together.  2015 seems to be having the same pattern.  I still continue the thought that nothing is impossible.  Some bands I never would’ve thought I’d see again, let alone photograph.  Friday night in Philadelphia, PA kept that thought going strong when I got see The Movielife reunite.

Unfortunately, one thing won’t change about Philadelphia and that is the traffic.   Driving from work to Easton, PA to Philadelphia, lead me to miss the opening act Zumo Kollie.  I wish I got pictures, but by the time I arrived Crime In Stereo was taking the stage.  Crime In Stereo is another New York band that shares the same past as The Movielife.  Building a strong following then taking a hiatus to reuniting.  Having Crime In Stereo on this bill is a perfect fit, their music is in the same vain and they are friends.  Playing a solid set with a few hardcore fans in the front row, Crime In Stereo did an amazing job getting the crowd ready for The Movielife.  Lead singer Kristian Hallbert did not stand still once while the rest of the band played perfectly.  As much as it was great seeing Crime In Stereo, I hope next time is in a smaller venue to really feel the energy this band can bring.


Growing up, I was a Drive-Thru Records kid.  I ate up every artist they produced.  The Movielife was always that stand out band to me.  They had more of a hardcore edge to them.  I remember when they got signed, Drive Thru Records posted a click of a song on their website.  The internet forums brought the complaints that The Movielife has gone poppy and not sounding like their Revelation Records sound anymore.  Typical internet drama.  I thought everything they released was amazing, especially Forty Hour Train Back To Penn.  They even had Brian McTernan come back and produce it which explains why that album was great.  However, thinking Forty Hour Train Back To Penn was their best effort, Icouldn’t wait for them to release something new.  However, they broke up.  The Movielife was a band that got me into hardcore music.  They opened the door to me liking Bane, which then opened many doors, but we won’t get into that.  I never did get to see The Movielife live, but waiting this long was worth it.  Their setlist was perfect to me.  Playing a great mix of all their albums, I have no complaints.  I am actually glad I waited, because I’ve heard during their active years they never played many older songs.  Their encore featured “Sailor Tattoos” which Vinnie and Brandon did together, then finished with “Single White Female”, “Ship To Shore”, and “Jamestown”.  Overall this was the best reunion show I’ve seen.  Not because The Movielife sounded excellent, but because they were smiling the whole time.  They genially seemed happy to be on stage with each other.  I am not sure if The Movielife will be making music again, but I hope this wasn’t my first and last time seeing them on stage.

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