The Snails/The West Kensingtons/Backyard Superheroes – The Compound – Philadelphia, PA – 5/23/15

It’s been awhile since I photographed a show.  After tour I moved to New Jersey, started a new job, and have been busy ever since.  I made sure to catch up on things before I started photographing more shows.  However, when a free show with The Snails, The West Kensingtons, and Backyard Superheroes came up, I put my butt into gear to make sure I could attend this show.

The show was at The Compound, which is also Bill of The West Kensingtons’ house.  It wasn’t just a show, but also a fish fry.  There was plenty of food, drinks, DJing, and the Philadelphia skyline to go around for everyone.  The atmosphere alone was enough to make this the best show of 2015 and the bands haven’t even started.

Backyard Superheroes were first on the bill and as always they brought their infectious nerd wave ska.  With a new drummer on board and a new song, they didn’t skip a beat.  I always enjoy seeing these guys perform because they always get the crowd going with their energy.  I am not saying this because I know them either.  These guys have a stage presence that is fun, energetic, and just let you forget about what’s going on in the world for 45 minutes.  As always check them out and see them live.

In between sets, there was DJing of soul, ska, and reggae music.  I will add it was a better mix than at an actual venue.  The West Kensingtons came on stage one member at a time building the anticipation of what’s to come.  Everyone was grooving to the sounds of The West Kensingtons, these guys are true musicians.  Like Backyard Superheroes, they played some new songs which sounded great and featured Bill on vocals.  I am not sure how many people in attendance knew the band or what they sounded like before, but I know a lot of people left with a new band in mind.


Closing the night was The Snails.  Playing for what seemed like over a hour, and that isn’t a bad thing, The Snails played until they ran out of songs.  They even gave a sneak peak at their upcoming show playing as the Jam by playing a few songs from the upcoming show.  The show also ended on a high note when Todd’s newly announced fiancée sang a song for him.  The show couldn’t have ended any better.  So far the best show of 2015, now for the second half of the year.


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