Mighty Mighty Bosstones/Street Dogs/The Interrupters – Webster Hall – New York, NY – 7/17/15


My first show in New York, besides the tour with Mxpx, and Webster Hall may be up there as one of my favorite venues, right behind the Trocadero.  Every year I try and a see the Mighty Mighty Bosstones during their summer run since they don’t tour as much anymore and New York was a perfect way in doing that.  Not to mention the great openers they brought with them.

Opening the show was new comer band The Interrupters.  Who announced that this was their first time in New York.  From Los Angeles and signed to Hellcat Records, The Interrupters are a 2 Tone ska band whose sound is similar to The Specials, Rancid, and Operation Ivy.  What I liked the most about The Interrupters was their stage presence.  Like their predecessors, the brothers in The Interrupters constantly danced to the music.  They even played an Operation Ivy song, “Sound System”.  Not a bad way to open the show, and if this was The Interrupters first time on the East Coast, I think they need to start making more trips over because they definitely have a good following here.


Following The Interrupters was Street Dogs.  For those that know, the Street Dogs were formed by Mike McColgan, from Dropkick Murphy’s fame.  I personally enjoy Street Dogs more than Dropkick Murphy’s.  The main reason is it is nice to see and hear punk music done right.  I listen to Street Dogs and enjoy their music because it is what I want from a punk band.  Fast, loud, and in your face, but also not straight power chords the whole time.  I never seen Street Dogs live, but they lived up to my expectations.  They put on a show that is non stop excitement.  Lead singer Mike McColgan knows how to get the crowd going, even the older crowd (see pictures).  Towards the end of their set, C.J. Ramone from The Ramones came out and sang “R.A.M.O.N.E.S”.  It is nice seeing a band not forgetting their roots and paying homage to their influences.  Something all the bands on this show did, never forget where you came from.


Lastly, was the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.  The last show of this short run before they head back to Boston to open for Foo Fighters.  I lost count how many times I’ve seen the Bosstones, but I always try to see them once a year.  I am also amazed at how long they play with so much energy while wearing suits, especially Ben Carr.  The crowd is getting younger too, it is good seeing a new line of fans at their shows, especially parents bringing their kids.  The great thing about the Bosstones is their setlist.  For a band that witness big singles, they play those, but they also always play those fan favorites and deep cuts.  I could be wrong in saying this, but the Bosstones don’t seem embarrassed by their past.  They play at least one song off every album, including e.p.’s.  Playing 28 songs, the Bosstones had Mike McColgan of Street Dogs come out and sing “Nevermind Me”.  Going back to my comment about not forgetting your roots, the Bosstones played The Clash’s “Rudie Can’t Fail” with the guys of The Interrupters joining on stage to play guitar and dance.  Even though “The Impression That I Get” was their big single, I love that they don’t close with it.  This way they can close with an encore the fans will love.  “Where’d You Go?”, “A Pretty Sad Excuse”, and “Another Drinkin’ Song” were the last three songs and a great way to end the show.  I got a feeling Dicky didn’t want to stop though.  As always the Bosstones know how to put on an incredible show.  Not sure what is next for these guys, maybe a new album, maybe not, but until next year, I hope.


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