Rancid/H2O/The Interrupters – Terminal 5 – New York, NY – 9/17/15

Two days later and I am making my way back to New York for another high energy, exciting show.  First time at Terminal 5 and first time seeing two of bands on the bill.  The second show of the week and I felt grateful for these opportunities I have been given.

A couple of months before this show, I photographed Mighty Mighty Bosstones in New York at Webster Hall.  Opening that show was The Interrupters, fast forward and it was almost like deju vu.  Unfortunately I didn’t make it in time to photograph The Interrupters, but I got some photos from the crowd.  Not the best, but I tried to make the best of the situation.  Just like last time I saw them, The Interrupters put on a energetic, fast show.  Playing almost all their songs off their Hellcat Records debut and an Operation Ivy cover, The Interrupters have become one of my favorite bands to see live.  Although I was expecting to see Tim Armstrong make a guest appearance during the final song “Family”, The Interrupters still can put on a fun show no matter what.


Merch: http://www.kingsroadmerch.com/epitaph-records/artist/?id=457

Next was H2O.  I’ve never seen H2O live before, and I’ve been a fan for a long time.  I still remember the first time I heard H2O.  It was through a compilation album, I know I sound like an old man, but it was around 1999 on Punk-O-Rama 4.  The song was “Faster Than The World”.  From then on I was a fan, see compilation albums can get people to buy albums of the bands.  Seeing H2O and hearing them play “Faster Than The World” was nostalgic for me.  I wondered why I haven’t seen this band yet.  Toby Morse let out H2O facts in between songs while being thankful for not only the band’s fans, but everyone being there.  A very positive person I’d like to think everyone would want to look up to him.  Going through about a dozen songs spanning their career and a new song off their upcoming album Use Your Voice on Bridge Nine Records (October 9), H2O played as if they were in a small club.  Getting the crowd involved and hearing the crowd yell back the words, I think seeing H2O live in their home state is the best way to experience their live show.  However, I’d like to see them in a smaller setting too.  Don’t forget to pick up their new album, Use Your Voice, on Bridge Nine Records on October 9.  Also check out their upcoming tour dates, the Philadelphia date may be the next time I see them.


Pre-Order/Merch: http://www.b9store.com/h2o

Closing the sold out show was Rancid.  I’m curious how Rancid picks their setlist, with eight full lengths and countless other releases, they have plenty of material to choose from.  With two nights in New York and each setlist about 30 songs, they are barely scratching the surface.  Celebrating 20 years of …And Out Come The Wolves Rancid performed a good amount of those songs.  Seeing Rancid for the first time, I was blown away.  I couldn’t stop watching Tim Armstrong, for how old he is, he still moves on stage as much as a teenager.  Also seeing Branden Steineckert behind the drumkit, was like watching a long time fan playing with his favorite band.  He was enjoying every minute playing and sounded incredible.  Also Matt Freeman’s bass playing is still top notch and Lars Frederiksen kept in sync with Tim’s stage presence.  For being a bunch of “punks”, Rancid looks very good for their age and put on an excellent show.  Not sure how much more touring they will be doing, but I must say make sure to catch one of their shows because its worth it.


Merch: http://www.machetemfg.com/rancid.html

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