New Found Glory/Yellowcard/Tigers Jaw – Sands Event Center – Bethlehem, PA – 10/31/15

I always wanted to photograph a Halloween show because I thought it would be neat to capture that memory of the band wearing costumes on stage.  If this is my only one, it was a great show to attend.

From Scranton, PA, Tigers Jaw opened the show.  After a very brief hiatus, Tigers Jaw is a full time band again and performing amazingly.  Coming out to the X-Files theme song and throwing candy to the crowd, Brianna and Ben were dressed as Agent Mulder and Scully while the rest of the band was dressed as aliens.  Not a bad costume idea, let alone find it funny seeing members dressed in green suits playing instruments.  Even though this was technically a hometown show, Tigers Jaw set was still short with about 10 songs including a cover by The Cure.  Even though Tigers Jaw sound isn’t anything like the others on the bill I think the crowd enjoyed it.

My second time photographing Yellowcard, but this time it was an actual set and not a full album set.  Everyone in the band wasn’t dressed for Halloween.  Bassist Josh Portman and drummer Tucker Rule were dressed like they play in Steel Panther.  Rule was more a 80’s fitness look.  However Josh had the look and movements down of a 80’s hair metal band.  Yellowcard’s set included all their hit and had the crowd singing at the top of their lungs.  I always tell people don’t under estimate Yellowcard, for their fans are loud.  Their set was a fast paced set with only two slower songs, which got the crowd amped for headliner New Found Glory.

Closing the night was a very entertaining New Found Glory.  With special guests, fan interaction, and covers in costumes, I thought it was a Less Than Jake show.  I think a tour with both these bands would be fun.  This was my second time photographing New Found Glory and probably the best.  Stay Puft even made an appearance again.  Within the second song Jordan was in the crowd having everyone sing in the microphone.  At one point I thought the guard rail was going to go.  The rest of their set they had fans come on stage and sing along, even allowed one to pick a song they wanted to hear.  The big surprise was during “Vicious Love”, where a person came on stage as Stay Puft and sang back up vocals.  That person was no doubt Hayley Williams of Paramore.  Of course the crowd went in applause.  For New Found Glory’s encore, they came out dressed as Metallica, not bad either.  They played “Enter Sandman” then My Friends Over You”, then “Enter Sandman” again but with Ryan Key of Yellowcard.  I think New Found Glory found how to have fun on stage after all these years.  Even if you aren’t a fan, you will love seeing them live.

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