Mustard Plug/Backyard Superheroes/Teenage Halloween/The Mega Yeah – The Brighton Bar – Long Branch, NJ – 11/14/15

My first time at The Brighton Bar, and even though the lighting was a challenge to work with, I hope to come back again because this venue is a great place to see shows.  The first band of the night was The Mega Yeah from around Nazareth, PA area.  Not far from where I am from.  The Mega Yeah has the sound of early 2000’s pop punk mixed with the Fat Wreck Chords sound, think Blink 182 meets Against Me!  Which they actually did a cover of Against Me!, not a bad cover either.  It’s nice to see a local band from my neck of woods branching out of the area, and I hope they keep it up since they are good at their craft.

Following next was Teenage Halloween, which I thought weren’t going to fit on the stage. Teenage Halloween go against everything and play whatever they want.  They aren’t ska, country, or rock, they are just Teenage Halloween.  Like bands such as Bomb The Music Industry, Say Anything, and Andrew Jackson Jihad, Teenage Halloween has unique lyrics and a strong underground following.  A good amount of audience members knew the words and got the pit going.  I can see this band growing in popularity sooner than later.

What can I say about Backyard Superheroes that I haven’t said before?  These guys always bring the party no matter how big the stage or crowd is.  Regardless of member changes, they still play as tight as their older counterparts.  What seemed lie a short set, the guys got the crowd continuing with dancing and a pit, along with singing along on stage.  Backyard Superheroes have a pretty exciting 2016 lined up.  Keep a look out, they show up when you least expect it.

Closing the night was Mustard Plug.  I believe this was my 4th time seeing them, and I still get excited each time I see them.  Mustard Plug was the first ska band I really got into, after hearing “Everything Girl” and “Yesterday” my distaste in ska was completely changed around.  Mustard Plug did what they do best, put a smile on everyone’s face.  Playing the crowd favorites, some new songs, and some of my favorites,  I have no complaints from the night.  Even during the song “Mr. Smiley”, lead singer Dave Kirchgessner went into the crowd with a fake ax and pretended to kill audience members.  After recent events, it may not seem to be in the best taste, but this show was before that horrible night.  Mustard Plug finished their show off by joking that this song may break their brittle old legs since they are a lot older now, thank God it didn’t, because I hope the guys in Mustard Plug keep going.  Even if it is just new music, they are one of the last great standing ska bands.


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