Blues Traveler / The Wallflowers / Howie Day – The Stone Pony Summerstage / Asbury Park, NJ – 8/26/16

The Stone Pony’s yearly summer stage brings the best acts to New Jersey’s infamous Asbury Park.  However, the best appearance made featured Blues Traveler, The Wallflowers, and Howie Day.  Howie Day gave an emotional and powerful solo set.  Even though his set started way before the sunset, fans flocked to the stage to hear his commanding voice.

The Wallflowers have been quiet for some time, this goes for touring and new music.  However during the summer, album Bringing Down The Horse would celebrate 20 years.  With a vinyl reissue and this tour, everyone realized they need The Wallflowers in their life again.  Their setlist featured mostly songs from Bringing Down The Horse, but they were able to squeeze in one of Jacob’s solo songs and a Box Tops cover.  At least one song from each album was performed, but even if this is a co-headling tour, hopefully 2017 brings more touring and new music from The Wallflowers.

Blues Traveler’s John Popper ran into some problems before this show.  With a surgery and rest, some thought the show would be cancelled, but it wasn’t.  How could it be, for this was a hometown show of sorts for them.  John Popper’s presence and voice sounded better than ever.  Blues Traveler may have played only a handful of songs, but the musicianship on stage was worth more than hearing your favorite song.  With the jamming of the band, Blues Traveler is by far the number one band to see live.  The recordings just don’t do them justice.

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