Ace Enders / Aaron Gillespie / Vinnie Caruana – The Foundry at The Fillmore – Philadelphia, PA – 9/23/16

Acoustic shows are always a different experience.  Usually the listener/viewer gets a better idea of how songs originally sounded or just see how much power an acoustic show can have.  These shows tend to move people much more than a regular show and when you get three prolific singers in one room, be prepared for an whirlwind of emotions.  Vinnie Caruana can take your emotions, pull them out, throw them up for the world to see, and then put them back in place.  His debut full length Survivor’s Guilt is a collection of heart wrenching songs, and hearing them live and stripped down adds a whole another dimension to them.  Yet, when he cuts into The Movielife’s “Hey”, you can’t help but feel anger, happy, sadness, and excitement at the same time.  Vinnie always closes on a high not though, with I Am The Avalanche’s “Brooklyn Dodgers”.  Which turns an acoustic show more into a punk show with everyone singing back, fists in the air.

Aaron Gillespie, of Underoath and The Almost fame, played as a one man band with his voice, guitar, and bass drum.  Playing songs spanning his musical career, some covers and testing out his latest solo effort, Out Of The Badlands, Aaron’s voice is a thunderous roar in each song.  Another thing about acoustic shows is the intimacy they bring, and Aaron used that time to explain song meanings and his personal life.  This is something you can’t get anywhere else, the connection between the artist and fans.

Ace Enders closed the night with playing songs from The Early November, I Can Make A Mess, and also surprise song from Ace Enders And A Million Different People.  Ace also took requests throughout the night.  One sought after song everyone wanted to hear was “1000 Times A Day” in which Ace played to a very excited crowd.  Throughout the set Ace performed with a constant smile and the crowd responded back with theirs until the last song was played.

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