Digger / Captain, We’re Sinking – Neshaminy Creek Brewing – Croydon, PA – 3/4/17

Just as I got off the plane to America from Iceland, I jumped into a car and last minute drove to Croydon, PA for the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market after party.  The party and flea market was held at Neshaminy Creek Brewing and was free for all to enjoy.  I missed the opening band Podacter due to the time I got off the plane and driving to the show.  However, I arrived in time for Captain, We’re Sinking.  Hailing from Scranton, PA Captain, We’re Sinking has been around for quite some time and even has ties with another  Scranton band, The Menzingers.  Not sure what Podacter’s crowd reaction was, but Captain, We’re Sinking had an overwhelming response.  The crowd sang back every word they knew while Captain, We’re Sinking played a phenomenal set.  The band is currently working on new material for a new album.

Digger had a curfew to abide by, but they pulled off a hefty setlist focusing on songs off  of Powerbait and The Promise Of An Uncertain Future.  Songs like “Geek Love”, “Space Cadet”, and “I Want My Hat Back,” had the crowd raising their beer cups and yelling the words back to the band.  It makes me wonder if Digger shows back in the 90’s had the same reaction.  Either way, this line-up of the band is breathing new energy into the songs and band.  The guys in Digger put on a great show that even though it was free, I’d pay for a ticket.



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