Chris Shiflett / Brian Whelan – Rockwood Music Hall – New York, NY – 4/6/17

With his latest release, West Coast Town, just days away from being released on April 14, Chris Shiflett stopped in New York City at Rockwood Music Hall for his only northeastern show on his month long tour.  His guitarist, Brian Whelan, opened the show with his own take on Americana, rock, and country music.  That’s not to say Brian’s music isn’t original, it is, and it gives those styles new life.  His covers of the late, great Chuck Berry where spot on and a perfect fit for the night.  For those unfamiliar with Brian Whelan, his latest album Sugarland is a great place to start and after the song “Americana” finishs, you’ll want more.

Many know Chris Shiflett as the guitarist of Foo Fighters.  Some may remember him from No Use For A Name or Jackson United, however, some may know that Chris has a solo country project under his name or Chris Chiflett And The Dead Peasants.  Fans expecting to hear Foo Fighters’ covers or intolerable country music will be proven wrong.  Chris’ solo material may have country elements, but live, it is just as fun as a loud rock concert.  With a short set time, Chris pulled out songs from his latest effort West Coast Town and his previous work while throwing in some covers.  It was nice hearing Chris in this setting compared to a Foo Fighters show because he has a lot to say.  This means from the stories he has to his guitar solos, which makes me wonder if he may be the brains behind a lot of Foo Fighters songs, Chris is a musician that can do it all.  Make sure to check out West Coast Town, being release on April 14 through Side One Dummy Records.

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