Dashboard Confessional / All American Rejects / The Maine / The Social Animals – Sands Event Center – Bethlehem, PA – 7/30/17

The summer months are always filled with massive summer tours, and every year fans think this year is better than the last!  This is a discussion that could face many different answers, but 2017 does prove to have some good summer time concerts.  One tour with a stacked lineup, from opener to headliner, is the Dashboard Confessional and All American Rejects tour.  Two heavyweight bands that would in essence be the soundtrack to anyone’s summertime soundtrack.  On this tour, the first opening band is The Social Animals.  A young up and coming band that recently toured with Chris Carrabba’s other band, Twin Forks.  With only a few songs under their belt, The Social Animals show craft and promise in their music.  For a short set, The Social Animals gave their all with originals and a cover, but I’d expect to hear more from these guys in the coming years.




Following The Social Animals was the band The Maine, who aren’t strangers to this industry.  Celebrating 10 years as a band, The Maine put on an energetic show where lead singer John O’ Callaghan jumped around the stage and interacted with the crowd nonstop through their eight song set.  The highlight of the show was when they pulled up on a stage an audience member named Carl, who didn’t know any songs or lyrics for that matter.  However, John taught him the lyrics and within seconds he took over the stage and sang with the same enthusiasm as John.  The Maine is a band that shows they just want to have fun on stage and make sure the crowd is too, even if no one there knows who they are.




It’s been roughly two years since All American Rejects embarked on a massive tour like this one.  With a new single out now, full length out later this year, this was just a taste of the All American Rejects coming back at full steam.  A well rounded setlist featuring their latest single “Sweat” and a great cover of Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind”, one wouldn’t notice that Tyson Ritter had a cold.  Tyson announced during the third song that he is suffering from a cold, but it didn’t seem to hinder his performance or voice.  The group performed with an amazing performance and appreciation for their fans.  By the time their next album comes out, a spring tour should be on the way and that isn’t one to miss.



Closing out the night and first time playing in Bethlehem was Dashboard Confessional.  Just like All American Rejects, Chris Carrabba and company are expecting a new album out sometime soon, but for now the only taste fans are given are the songs “Heart Beat Here” and “We Fight”.  Two songs that prove that the new material is shaping up to sound excellent and reminisce of the old material.  Dashboard Confessional played a wide variety set and a cover that had fans screaming the words back.  Dashboard Confessional is the only band I know that can do a crowd karaoke where no one on stage sings and the crowd won’t miss a note with singing the words back.  With this being Dashboard Confessional’s first time in Bethlehem, Chris showed his pride for the area by discussing his Martin Guitar and sporting local vegan bakery Vegan Treats.  One wonders why Chris hasn’t made Bethlehem is second residence.  This summer tour gave fans a tease as to what Dashboard Confessional and All American Rejects have planned for the future and it sounds like the future is going to be alright.


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