Joshua Radin / Rachael Yamagata / Brandon Jenner – Theatre Of Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA – 8/4/17

Sirius XM channel the Coffee House took their channel from the listeners’ radio speakers to the stage this year.  The tour featured Joshua Radin, Rachael Yamagata, and Brandon Jenner, three artists that are played heavily on the channel.  To complete the tour, the stage and pit area was set for a mood as if you were really at a coffee house during an open mic night.  The only thing that was missing was coffee, but for those of age, wine was served. The show in Philadelphia was a quiet night until Joshua Radin asked for the crowd to really show their true Philadelphian spirit by getting rowdy.  At this point in the show, Joshua’s beginning set, all artists were on stage either singing or playing an instrument while the crowd raised their beers or howled.  Throughout Brandon, Rachael, and Joshua’s set musicians would come on stage to help with a song or two which seemed more spontaneous than rehearsed.  For a tour like this, you felt like you were in someone’s living room than a venue, the feel and energy wasn’t your typical concert.  If the rest of the tour was like the Philadelphia date, we should hope that the Coffee House will make this a yearly tour.

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