Swingin’ Utters / Western Settings / Darius Koski / The Preps – Milkboy – Philadelphia, PA – 11/10/17

On the coldest day in November, Milkboy hosted a packed line up of great music that warmed up everyone in attendance.  Opening the show was local West Chester, PA band The Preps.  Celebrating 20 years being a band, The Preps have been playing the surrounding area with their pop-punk sound from big to small venues with some fairly big names.  Add tonight to the list, The Preps played a quick set, but not without their signature “Boys In Blue” song.  A song dedicated to the Philadelphia Union Soccer team, which brought out the pride in the audience.  Swingin’ Utters guitarist, Darius Koski, played next to feature his solo material which ranges from folk, country, rockabilly, and little bit of everything else.  Much different than Swingin’ Utters, but just as enjoyable for Swingin’ Utters fans and the like.  First timers to Philadelphia was San Diego’s Western Settings.  There were quite a few fans in the audience, which was great since this band doesn’t tour the East Coast all that often.  We can only hope there will be more tours to come for the East Coast.  Western Settings is a new band that in time we will start seeing their name come up more often, I promise, with well crafted songs and lyrics it is only a matter of time that they start hoping on other major tours.  Before Swingin’ Utters took the stage, the crowd started pacing the floor, ready to bring chaos.  As soon as the first song started, the floor became a slippery mess.  The crowd was singing, spilling beer, and moshing non stop while the Utters stayed on que.  For a band that’s been around as long as Swingin’ Utters, the energy hasn’t died from the band or their audience.  It is always a treat to see punk rock still living.





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