Brian Fallon In Store – Vintage Vinyl – Fords, NJ – 2/10/18

On February 9th, Brian Fallon released his sophomore solo album Sleepwalkers.  An album that as some say, returning to his “Gaslight” sound due to Ted Hutt being behind the console. Upon first listen, Sleepwalkers does have a little of that Gaslight Anthem sound, but why wouldn’t it, Brian was the singer.  If you wanted to you could find the same in Painkillers too.  However, Sleepwalkers has a lot more going on, from the similar Elvis Costello This Year’s Model synthesizer to the mod sound of The Specials, there was definitely an English influence to Brian’s latest album.  Each song has a different flavor to them, and a good portion of these songs are the most dance able songs Brian has ever produced yet.  Also listen closely to the end of “Little Nightmares”, the production sounds like no other song in Brian’s albums.  The real surprise though comes from the brass sounds of Preservation Hall Jazz Band on the title track “Sleepwalkers”, something Brian never had on any of his albums.  This album shows Brian expanding his music knowledge and moving forward with his music.  It isn’t an “experimental” album, but I wouldn’t say it is like any of his other albums.  Which is a complement to him.  Sleepwalkers is a stand out album in Brian’s catalog that I think fans and critics will notice as his beginning into branching out.

With the release of Sleepwalkers, Brian Fallon did a few in store performances to support the album before he embarks on what could be his busiest year yet.  A stop at New Jersey’s Vintage Vinyl is always a must for this New Jersey native and for a sold out crowd he didn’t disappoint.  Playing a setlist of five songs that personally sum up Brian Fallon’s discography.  His latest song “If Your Prayers Don’t Get To Heaven” started off the in store followed by the Gaslight Anthem song “The Navesink Banks” which is starting to become a staple in his set. Of course Brian added his commentary in between songs including a little interaction with his kids before he went into “Smoke”.  Before he played the next song, Brian told the crowd to forgive him if he messes up since this isn’t his song, and after the second take he played “Spirit In The Night” by Bruce Springsteen.  He ended the set with Painkillers first single, “A Wonderful Life” and thanked the local crowd for their undying support. A short set, but if this is the kind of set we should expect on the upcoming tour, we are in for a great night of music when Brian comes into town.

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