Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival Session 2 Featuring Mighty Mighty Bosstones / High School Football Heroes/ Stacked Like Pancakes – Atlantic City Convention Center – Atlantic City, NJ – 3/24/18

AC Beer Fest 2

With the clock striking 12PM and the National Anthem sung, Session 2 of the Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival was off to the races.  Compared to Session 1, even though it was early, the turn out was higher than the previous day.  At times the wait at a vendor took a few minutes, but not too grueling, unless you were waiting to use the bathroom.  Starting the festivities off on the main music stage was local Maryland ska band Stacked Like Pancakes.  For a young band, Stacked Like Pancakes have been able to share the stage with some big names in ska, Bosstones is another one to add to their resume.  Even though it was early, Stacked Like Pancakes was able to get the crowd motivated with their cover of Blink 182’s “Dammit” which reeled the audience in and kept them for their set of originals.  Having Stacked Like Pancakes open Session 2 was what everyone needed after last night.  If their resume is any inclination, Stacked Like Pancakes is going somewhere and maybe even opening for a band like Blink 182 in the future.

After Stacked Like Pancakes set, I headed over to the vendor booths and had a delicious burger from Vagabond Kitchen & Tap House booth.  Also bought a candle from Lit Up who reuses beer bottles to make their candles.  By that time Long Island’s High School Football Heroes took the stage.  In recent years High School Football Heroes reunited and haven’t slowed down since their reunion.  The seven piece ska band ripped through an energetic set and even had a surprise guest appearance by Kevin Guther of Catch 22.

Session 2 ended with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones bringing everyone together.  At this point everyone gravitated toward the stage to watch the Bosstones play their ska core anthems.  Their 23 song set was a perfect mix of their hits and also deep cuts in which the crowd didn’t stop dancing or singing to.  One could say the reaction is from the day drinking, but the majority of the crowd seemed to be true fans of the Bosstones from the reaction of the crowd.  Let it be the first time someone attended the Atlantic City Beer Fest or the 3rd, it may be agreed this was the best lineup.

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