New Found Glory / Bayside / The Movielife / Ace Enders / Crime In Stereo / Elder Brother / Well Wisher – Convention Hall – Asbury Park, NJ – 5/27/18

The New Jersey rain didn’t stop New Found Glory’s impressive Sick Tour from being cancelled in Asbury Park.  The extensive month long tour which features Bayside, The Movielife, and Ryan Key of Yellowcard is a dream tour for fans new and old.  However, the New Jersey date of the tour was turned into something special, to the point of being like a festival.  Along with the bands on the tour, Crime In Stereo and Well Wisher were added to the bill as openers, but that wasn’t all.  Another stage, an acoustic stage, was also added featuring Ace Enders of Early November, Elder Brother, and 18th & Addison.  The date could not be anymore perfect for fans and the bands since it was a reunion for all involve, except the day before the show, Stone Pony called that the show will have to be moved due to an impending storm.  All was not lost though when the show was moved down a block to the Convention Hall, which made the combination of the show date even more nostalgic.  For all the bands, the Convention Hall is where each band played the Skate & Surf Festival many times back in the 2000’s.  It was no surprise to hear each band talk about their past experiences at the Convention Hall.  In most cases the stories included one of the bands on the current bill.

Opening each stage was a local band from the area.  Well Wisher on the main stage and 18th & Addison on the acoustic stage.  Going back and forth throughout the day caused some issues to get close enough to the stage, but was doable.  Crime In Stereo haven’t played New Jersey in some time and were able to put on a great set while Elder Brother led the crowd into a more slower and quieter set on the acoustic stage.  The Movielife had one of the best sets of the day where they started up the pit and crowd surfing as Vinnie embraced the crowd’s voices to sing along.  Upstairs on the acoustic stage, Ace Enders was also embracing an eager crowd that sang back each word.  Bayside had a solid set as usual which made the crowd even more rambunctious.  On the other stage, Ryan Key was also making waves in which the whole second floor was packed to hear his solo material and Yellowcard songs.  New Found Glory closed out the night with a performance that would make anyone smile.  From each member running around the stage nonstop to the hundred of balloons thrown into the crowd and to the thousands of voices singing each word, for 21 years New Found Glory knows how to put on one great show along with a tour.  Now if only this New Jersey lineup was extended through the whole tour, New Found Glory could have then next traveling festival.

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