Big Bad Voodoo Daddy – Musikfest Cafe – Bethlehem, PA – 6/7/18

Closing out this year’s RiverJazz Festival in Bethlehem, PA was the biggest, baddest band around, Bid Bad Voodoo Daddy.  The band ripped through their swinging hits as band leader Scotty Morris smiled onto the crowd.  Celebrating 25 years being a band with all original members, which isn’t an easy feat, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy played a little something from every release.  Of course their breakthrough album Americana Deluxe received the most plays in their setlist, but they wouldn’t be a band without their influences.  Songs from their albums How Big Can You Get?, music from Cab Calloway, and Louie, Louie, Louie, music from Louis Armstrong, Louis Jordan, and Louis Prima, received an amazing response from the crowd since the covers are perfectly executed.  On the flip side, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy’s original songs from albums Rattle Them Bones, Save My Soul, and This Beautiful Life kept the crowd singing and dancing all through the night.  It is hard to believe that for 25 years, a swing band has made it through the ups and downs of the music industry.  Scotty Morris even mentioned that when Big Bad Voodoo Daddy started the biggest band was Nirvana, the radio world wasn’t going to be playing swing music during that time.  However, they pushed through and even if Big Bad Voodoo Daddy didn’t have a hit radio single, they were still featured in a movie, played the Super Bowl, tour on a constant basis, and still put out great quality music.  Regardless of what is the “it” music, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy stuck to their roots after all these years and their live show still has people dancing and enjoying life.  Now if only they can get their back catalog pressed on vinyl for this celebration.

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