Weston / Digger – Tellus360 – Lancaster, PA – 10/5/18

Lehigh Valley’s infamous pop-punk bands, Weston and Digger, embarked on a four day “Rock & Roll Weekend 2018” tour.  Four stops in four different states with the second date being at Tellus360 in Lancaster, PA.  Latex Generation was also on the bill, but due to arriving late their performance was missed.  However, upon arrival Digger took the stage and exploded into songs from their first two albums The Promise of an Uncertain Future and Powerbait.  Regardless of the year, the fan reception from any song off Powerbait, especially “I Want My Hat Back”, puts the crowd into sing along mode and split beers.  The energy of Digger throughout the rest of the set had the crowd yelling back the lyrics and spilling their beers.  Everything you’d expect at a Digger show, and always meant it was a good show.


Just like Digger, Weston played to a pack house that was singing every word.  After the first two songs though, a Wizard emerged and “hurt” the bassist to the point where he couldn’t play anymore.  Weston was in luck because founding Weston member, Chuck Saltern, happened to be walking by to finish out the set.  The crowd then went into a uproar of laughter and excitement to see Chuck back on stage.  Chris Benner of Digger would also join in a song, and Weston would close out the night to one happy crowd.  For these two reunited bands, playing again doesn’t seem to be regiment and formulaic.  It seems that they are happy to be performing to the crowds that have missed them for some time.  Maybe 2019 will bring new music or a split 7″, time will tell, but it seems not only is the Lehigh Valley glad these bands are back, but also the world.


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