Face To Face / Timeshares / All Eyes West – Neshaminy Creek Brewing – Croydon, PA – 3/31/19

After their Triple Crown shows in Brooklyn, NY at Saint Vitus, which were recorded for Fat Wreck Chord’s Live In A Dive series, Face To Face headed a little south to Croydon, PA to play one more show before heading back home.  Face To Face aren’t strangers to Neshaminy Creek Brewing for they recently played at the brewery for an acoustic set.  This time around they were full electric along with openers All Eyes West and Timeshares.  Hailing from Illinois, All Eyes West went through an outstanding set where the three piece barely took breaks between songs.  Guitarist Jeff Dean was not in one place the entire time they played which made their set very impressive.  There aren’t a lot of three piece bands out there anymore, but All Eyes West is one that people should take note.  Local label to the area, Jump Start Records, already knows for they signed them and we should expect new music soon.



From New York, Timeshares took the stage and delivered an electrifying set.  After being a band for 10 years, this year, Timeshares still seem to have fun on stage.  The quartet appeared to already have a decent following where multiple people in the crowd were singing along.  Guitarist Maxwell Stern graced the crowd with a stage presence only seen in The Who’s Pete Townshend while bassist Mike Natoli and second guitarist Jon Hernandez traded off great vocal harmonies during each song.  Also drummer Eric Bedell was playing the drums so hard and fast that an employee of Neshaminy Creek had to prop up a bag of wheat against the bass drum to avoid the drum set from moving.  Timeshares have plenty of music available online to buy and new music that came out last year.  For being a band for 10 years, they promise some good stuff this year, make sure to keep an eye out.


Face To Face ended the night with a bombastic 18 song set that had the crowd moshing and a few people trying to crowd surf, but ultimately not succeeding.  However, with a strict curfew and a massive collections of songs, Face To Face was able to go through a wide range of their songs that touched their beginnings to the now.  The Triple Crown shows before this show warmed them up to play a good portion of songs from Protection, Reactionary, and their self titled.  Having been a band for almost 20 years, Face To Face can be up there with their counterparts as being one of the best punk bands live.  It can be a regular venue or a small intimate brewery, but either one they put on a hell of a show still.


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