The Who – Citizens Bank Park – Philadelphia, PA – 5/25/19

For over 50 years, The Who has been rock ‘n’ roll’s longest running band and even though Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend have mentioned they are ready to stop, the road and music is embedded in their blood to the point where they can’t let go.  For their latest tour, “Moving On!”, The Who prove that they still hold the crown for giving the best live performance and that each tour is very different than the last.  For this tour, The Who took a page from Roger Daltrey’s Tommy tour and incorporated a live orchestra for half of the performance.  If Roger’s solo tour was an indication of how speculator the orchestrated performance was, adding in the other member of The Who and their other hits proved to make this tour one of a kind.  It should be noted that the orchestra is not touring with The Who, but is musicians from the area at each stop that learn the music prior to the show and execute perfectly the day of the show.

For the first seven songs, The Who showcased Tommy as it was supposed to be presented with the full orchestra.  The first 5 songs follow the beginning of the album until the last two which were “Pinball Wizard” and “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”  The crowd was in awe during these seven songs because not all of these songs are played in a Who set, let alone with an orchestra.  It wasn’t until “Who Are You” that the crowd was in an uproar to the point they overpowered Roger’s vocals.  After about 11 songs, the orchestra takes a break and The Who power through “Substitute”, “I Can See For Miles”, and “Behind Blue Eyes”.  At this point Roger and Pete remain on stage to perform “Won’t Get Fooled Again” and “Tea & Theatre” acoustic, which was a highlight of the night.  “Won’t Get Fooled Again” stripped down is a treat to see by the remaining members of The Who and worth being documented on an album.

For the third act of the show, The Who brought back the orchestra and ran through six songs from their other rock opera Quadrophenia.  The Who toured this album in full back in 2012, but not with an orchestra, and like Tommy adding the orchestra brought new life into these songs when played live.  Closing their set, The Who played “Love, Reign O’er Me” and “Baba O’Riley”, two of The Who’s most well known and loved songs.  Also two songs that showcase that even though he is 75, Roger Daltrey can still sing these songs and give you chills.  Also, like the Roger Daltrey Tommy tour, violinist Katie Jacoby assisted on closing out “Baba O’Riley” in breathtaking performance.  The “Moving On!” tour is one to see for any Who fan and even though Roger has said this may be the last tour, he has also said Pete and him have some new Who songs coming also.  If “Moving On!” is the last tour I think fans will appreciate it as a goodbye, but I think The Who still has one more in them that will blow their fans away.



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