Abandoned Air Force Base – Cape Cod, MA – 5/21/18

Disclaimer:  I do not promote trespassing on grounds that is off limits to the public.  If you wish to visit an abandoned place, for your safety, please reach out to the property owners to gain access.  If you don’t, I am not held accountable for the fines or injuries that may occur.

Half of the thrill of entering an abandoned property is entering a place you shouldn’t be going into.  Most of the time there is a endless amount of “No Trespassing” signs, but very rarely are there no signs, no one watching, and the thrill diminishes.  However, it is nice knowing one can walk around freely without fear.  That is what this abandoned air force base was like or what it used to be called, North Truro Air Force Station.  On my few days in Cape Cod, out of curiosity, I did a search of the area to see if there was any easy abandoned places to check out.  North Truro Air Force Station was the most covered one.  The history of the land is interesting, where this base was built in retaliation of the Cold War.  The United States wanted 24 bases built around the nation in an effort to, by satellite, intercept any and all incoming potential enemies.  Each station seemed to be equipped with housing for military, recreational areas like bowling and baseball, the satellites, and the work facilities for the military.  However, with the end of the Cold War came the end of the North Truro Air Force Station.  The National Park Service was given a good portion of the land and are developing it as funds come in while other parts are being developed as the Highlands Center.  The Highlands Center is a performing arts center that features live music and other community gatherings.  Through research, tours happen daily, maps are available, and there is plenty of parking for visitors.

I was skeptical when I arrived and parked my car.  The inner me was thinking there was cameras everywhere and I was going to be told to leave any minute.  This was not the case.  Park services was fixing what appeared to be a bathroom facility and when I stopped by them not one person cared to look in my direction.  I saw a middle age couple power walking and a man walking his dog around the grounds.  Guess this is more of a quiet “park” than another urban explorer’s sanctuary.  Even though the area is completely open to roam, there are still fenced off areas, more specifically the Highlands Center since there is a stage.  Other spots fenced off were the bigger buildings and the golf ball shaped radar unit.  With the limited time and still skeptical of the area, I only limited myself to the military housing.  Also judging by a lot of the buildings, most of them seemed boarded up and not easy to access.  Should also be noted that away from the base is the Jenny Lind tower which you would have to walk through wooded area to get to.

The military housing featured about 50 houses, mostly all the same, some with more graffiti than others, and/or appliances.  While walking the quiet and quite eerie road, one would feel like they stepped into an apocalyptic world or Silent Hill.  However, just ahead of me was the man with his dog, didn’t pay no mind to me or the houses, just kept walking his dog.  The property is unique in where people just use the land as a place to just get out and not be around people.  Some might find it weird, but like the people I saw, this would be the best place to just get away for some time.  As I stated above, the houses didn’t contain much, but was still interesting to look and photograph.  Some graffiti was questionable, but overall without a tripod shooting the area was refreshing since it seemed like no one cared you were around.  As for the look of the area, even though it was from the 50’s and decommissioned in the 90’s, the homes didn’t seem too outdated.  If it was still furnished, that would be another story.  I would think being sent here to live wouldn’t be too terrible, especially since the water and beach are easily obtainable compared to other military bases.  I don’t usually publicize abandoned places, but in this case this spot is highly documented and even has a Wikipedia page!  Also seems like it is no secret of a place for dog walking seems pretty common.  However, with all that said, if you should go, still be careful.  Asbestos signs are posted and glass is sporadically throughout.  For people that want to walk around abandoned places, but not breaking and entering, this is a great spot.  For the experienced urban explorer, they might just skip this spot.  Regardless, I enjoyed visiting this spot for it was nice to just wonder around an abandoned spot with little to no fear, but to walk around, listen to the ocean from afar, and enjoy all that Cape Cod has to offer.

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