Fitz And The Tantrums / St. Paul & The Broken Bones / Seratones – Levitt Pavilion Steel Stacks – Bethlehem, PA – 6/12/22

Summer kicked off right when it was known that Fitz And The Tantrums and St. Paul & The Broken Bones were touring together around the summer timeframe. However, there is always one drawback to the outside summer concerts, the weather, and the Bethlehem date got the worst of it with heavy down pour of rain. All the bands on the bill though embraced the rain and the fans stayed even though they were soaked. The show started with clear skies and Seratones brought their soul and blues songs that got everyone moving. Singer A.J. Haynes is a powerhouse of a singer and having this band on the tour is the best fit. About halfway through their set though the blue skies turned to gray and first batch of rain came. Seratones didn’t stop, in fact, A.J. Haynes took to the crowd and sang in the pit with them as she goes drenched in rain. She didn’t seem to mind because she would laugh and smile till the last song, a lot of rain wasn’t going to stop them. With their set over, fans stood in the pouring rain, myself included, waiting for St. Paul & The Broken Bones.

By the time St. Paul & The Broken Bones hit the stage, it was like the heavens opened up. The sky was blue again and their opening soulful rock instrumental song chased the rain clouds away. Once singer Paul Janeway came on stage the crowd was hypnotized by his voice and no one cared they were standing in wet clothes. With four albums under their belt, St. Paul & The Broken Bones was able to play a good amount of songs from each album. Their latest album, The Alien Coast, had songs featured in the beginning like “Atlas” and “The Last Dance” to which it is shown their music has evolved into something completely different than their first album Half The City. I think fans were expecting the same soul music over and over again, but they bring something different with each album which makes them have more longevity in my opinion. Also, the new songs live fit perfectly in their setlist and they are still able to bring the energy 110%. As the progressed into their setlist, it has become tradition that Paul will sing a song from the crowd, and for Bethlehem it was “Broken Bones & Pocket Change”. Since lawn chairs were welcomed at the venue, Paul would at one point take a little breather before he continues the song all the way in the back to then make his way to the front. While fans document this occision with phones or just just to give him a high five, Paul proves he is by far one of the best front singers out there. Paul exits the stage and the band once again showcases their talents, even though Paul is an amazing front man, the band should not be over looked for these moments show how great they are. At this point the sun has set and the night has rolled in with St. Paul & The Broken Bones about to finish their set. As if on que, during the last two minutes of their set, the rain once again starts back up. Paul can be seen drinking the rain falling from the sky and not caring that it is coming down harder while the band keeps pressing on. St. Paul & The Broken Bones set somehow kept the rain away, and even though everyone was drenched again no rain was going to scare anyone away and miss Fitz and The Trantrums.

Once Fitz And The Tantrums hit the stage the rain was still lingering, but not as bad as it had previously. Opening with “OCD”, Fitz And The Tantrums instantly showed that they weren’t going to let the rain ruin the night. The night was filled with mostly multiple songs from their latest album All The Feels and More Than Just A Dream which will be celebrating a ten year anniversary next year, maybe there will a tour to celebrate? A stand out track live from More Than Just A Dream, was “Out Of My League” in where saxophonist James King took center stage and showcased his phenomenal playing and the energy that everyone shows in Fitz And The Tantrums is unmatched. Fitz himself along with Noelle Scaggs did not once stop moving around the stage. Even if they weren’t singing, they were dancing let it be in back by drummer John Wicks or up front out to the crowd, there was never a slow moment. The crowd, even though wet and in ponchos were also constantly moving, especially during the new song “Sway”. Sometimes when bands perform newer songs, especially if the song came out two days before the concert, fans tend to just observe, but not for Fitz And The Tantrums. The song was greeted with the same energy as “Hands Up” or “MoneyGrabber”. It is surprising that a band like Fitz And The Tantrums haven’t played say the Super Bowl, not the pregame show like they did, but the actual Super Bowl Halftime show. Their live show would be a spectual to see on a stage like that, seeing their light show in smaller spaces is a sight to see already, and it would be interesting to see what could be done on a bigger scale. Throughout their set the rain finally subsided and Fitz And The Tantrums were able to run through about fifteen songs that left everyone forgetting that it rained and feeling rejuvenated. It was hard to say what was sweat and what was rain by the time they finished “The Walker”, but one thing was forsure, fans weren’t dissappointed on how the night ended.

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