The Slicked Up 9’s – Musikfest – Bethlehem, PA – 8/14/22

Closing out the festivities at Musikfest on Main Street was none other than local favorite The Slicked Up 9’s. The group has performed at Musikfest every year and every year the crowd comes back and seems to grow each year. Along with the crowd growing, there is always multiple people dancing from all age groups which tends to almost close off that section of Main Street. The Slicked Up 9’s definitely attract everyone no matter how old you are or what your taste in music is. They play old time swing songs, originals, but will then throw in a cover from someone like David Bowie. Their arsenal of songs range from one decade to another, which is why the Slicked Up 9’s have become a band you must see during Musikfest. The best part about their performance is that they usually play two days out of the festival and usually each set is around three hours. I can bet they will be there next year and as you get your Aw Shucks corn and adult beverage, make your way to Hotel Bethlehem to check out the Slicked Up 9’s.

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