Jimmy Eat World – Starland Ballroom – Sayreville, NJ – 9/23/22

Next year is a big year for Jimmy Eat World, they will be celebrating 30 years as a band, and for a band that is a big accomplishment.  What’s more impressive is that during those 30 years Jimmy Eat World has had the same core members, and even though there has been years fans thought they would be taking a break, they never took a hiatus or broke up.  On top of that, they consistently put out the highest quality albums, Surviving being their latest, and up there as one of their best albums in my opinion.  How do they do it?  Probably a question they get asked all the time, and then followed by how do they always put on the best sounding and visual concert?  Their secrets may never be revealed, but their shows are something worth seeing.

The tour Jimmy Eat World is on is the Something Loud tour, many thought this was going to be the name of their next album, but it is actually a single that was released in June. “Something Loud” could’ve been a b-side to Surviving, a three minute straight forward catchy rock song that Jimmy Eat World is known for.  Also it seems Jimmy Eat World is back to being independent, and after 30 years one wonders, if they even need a record label?  For the Starland Ballroom date, Jimmy Eat World opened with “Futures” and then straight into “Pain”.  The show was going well, except Jim Adkins kept apologizing that he wasn’t able to give his all.  At this point, the consensus in the room was that no one noticed he was struggling for his vocals were on point and he was moving around like nothing was wrong.  However, the show was shorter than the rest of the tour due to this sinus infection.  Songs like “Something Loud” and “23” weren’t played because Jim wasn’t able to hit the notes if he tried.  However, even with a short set and a sinus infection, Jimmy Eat World still put on a great show.  Finally hearing songs from Surviving like “Congratulations” and “All The Way (Stay)” was worth it.  It should be noted that due to COVID, Surviving didn’t get a full support tour and this is the first time hearing the songs live for some people.  Regardless, Jim and company still put on a flawless show, and this is something that can be added to the list as to why Jimmy Eat World is a great band.  It can only mean that come 2023 when they tour on 30 years as a band the New Jersey date gets an extended setlist.

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