Catfite / Kill Lincoln / Abraskadabra / The Best Of The Worst – Ukie Club – Philadelphia, PA – 10/24/22

In 2019 Catbite released their self-titled debut record which garnered much attention in the ska community and beyond. Then in 2021, when COVID restrictions started to ease, Catbite did something that started as a joke, but then became a reality. They re-released their self-titled album as Catlite: A Yee​-​Haw Version Of Catbite S​/​T. It was released on April 2nd, close to April Fool’s Day, to coincide with Bandcamp Friday. With that release, the possibility of hearing their debut album done in different musical styles went wild online. It didn’t take long because on June 18th Catbite released CATFITE: A HXC Version Of Catbite S​/​T, this coincided with Bandcamp donating all of their profits to the NAACP Legal Fund, while Catbite would be donating all of their profits to Hearts On A Wire in PA. All jokes aside these albums are just as fun and enjoyable as the original Self-Titled, but Catbite assured there were no other versions coming after this.

Later in 2021 Catbite would release their sophomore album Nice One, a phenomenal follow up to their self-titled. With this release, fans wondered if there would be different versions of Nice Ones, but again Catbite assured us there isn’t. However, Catfite would see an unpredictable resurrection. Once the line up for 2022’s The Fest was announced it showed that Catbite and Catfite would be playing. Once it was indeed true, Catfite would add a Philadelphia date before traveling down to The Fest. These shows are the only Catfite shows, probably ever, and they planned to be the best shows of the band’s career.

For the first ever Catfite show, the line up was a Bad Time Records reunion. All the bands are part of the Bad Time Records family and even though they all play ska, they all play an unique version. One thing is for sure though, each band’s energy is through the roof when they play live. Opening the show was The Best Of The Worst and the aggressiveness the band brings fits prefectly in a hardcore show and I am not talking about their cover of “Break Stuff” by Limp Bizkit either. Their music fits in with other skacore bands like Folly or Voodoo Glow Skulls. Coming from Brazil, Abraskadabra kept the energy going with a fun and lighthearted set. Abraskadabra doesn’t make it over to the US that much so when they do it is top priority to see them live.

Kill Lincoln continued the nonstop energy throughout their set where singer and guitarist Mike Sosinski can be seen jumping constantly, hype man Drew Skibitsky is in the crowd rallying everyone, and trombone player Ume eventually is crowd surfing back to the stage. Kill Lincoln has always brought this energy everytime I see them and I hope they never stop. For Catfite’s first performance, they put on a true hardcore show. Unlike a Catbite show, there was plenty of moshing, fists in the air, and very gruff sing alongs. Catfite was able to play their whole rendition of Catbite along with a few surprising Nice One hardcore renditions. The performance clocked in in about 30 minutes, and it was as great as seeing a band at Philly’s This Is Hardcore festival. Which makes one wonder, would Catfite ever perform after these shows? What if This Is Hardcore wants to book them? Better yet will we get a Catlite performance sometime? I guess we just have to wait and see, but until then, we can always catch Catbite on tour playing these songs the original way.