Help The Fold Kickstart Their New Album “Moving Past”

Please take a few minutes to watch this video.

Welcome back!  If you didn’t notice that is The Fold.  This is a band that has helped me out on more than one occasion.  To make it brief, before The Fold, there was Showoff.  A pop-punk/rock band from Chicago, that when I heard them, instantly had to own the album.  That band would shape my musical tastes to this very day, but they have since disbanded.  Daniel Castady, the drummer of Showoff, would go and form The Fold years later.  Little did I know I would see this band evolve and transform to what it is today.  I don’t want to see that stop.

When this band formed, I did street team projects to get their name out.  Then I would give them a place to stay on tour when they came through my area.  Finally in the summer of 2007, they took a chance and let me tour with them on the Tooth & Nail Tour with Mxpx.  By far the best experience I have ever been given.  Yet I saw a lot more of the industry side of music and it saddened me.  During this tour The Fold would release Secrets Keep You Sick.  This album, to me, was their best work yet.  I still listen to this album and when I do the memories play with it.  Yet, it was lost under the radar to most, and the industry was changing at the same time.  At least they were nominated for a Grammy in the category of Best Packaging.

After leaving Tooth & Nail Records, the guys decided to change gears and do it on their own.  Dear Future, Come Get Me… would be released and I became convinced that this was their best work.  Now after years of doing everything D.I.Y., The Fold is back and needs us.  Believe me when I say this, but this band deserves to reach this goal.  They have been through a lot and I believe their back catalog shows they have the potential of being huge.  Like a lot of bands, they just need that push, and I think we are it!

We, the listeners, fans, and music lovers are now in control.  The Fold is a band that has the most genuine, talented, and honest musicians.  Trust me I lived on the road with them.  If you don’t know who The Fold is, now is the time to find out!  Click on the links, read about them and if you are interest, because come on how can you not, donate some money to get their new album going.  If you know who The Fold is already, please don’t think twice, donate and get some great prizes!

Please help a band in need and make a difference.  This world is forever changing and we need a band like The Fold to stick around.  The passion and honesty in this band is what the industry is missing.

Kickstarter Link:

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