Bethlehem, PA – 11/10/12

While forming my thoughts on a new entry, I relaxed on my couch with a root beer Jones Soda.  Underneath the cap it read, “There is new hope for projects you had almost given up on.”  It made me smirk a little.  Most of the time, my Jones’ cap relate to what I have going on.  Which is always a strange thing, but this time it isn’t the case.  Like the structure in my photos, and everyone else, we all struggle with giving up and giving in.  Yet sometimes we are given a second chance.

This year is coming to a close and next year is going to be filled with change.  I have many things formulating in my brain and I don’t want to give up on them.  In fact, there is no giving up in my mind, but moving forward.  I hope to do many things I have never done before, and also putting myself out there.  I know I might be faced with failure, but it doesn’t matter.  What do I have to lose?

Going back to the Jones cap, the saying underneath could relate to Bethlehem Steel.  A structure that, when I was growing up, was abandoned and sat alone for years.  Finally, Bethlehem Steel was brought back to life and given the credit it deserved.  A casino, movie theatre, ice rink, farmers market and the list is always increasing now sits on the property. Do these new buildings celebrate the life of Bethlehem Steel?  In some ways, yes, but it is better than nothing because in time the structure would have fallen in disrepair.

My sense of adventure didn’t take off until recently, but growing up I always did adventurous things.  Yet in my backyard, I never once explored Bethlehem Steel when it sat there vacant and whispering for human movement to come within its walls.  I don’t know why I never tried to run through there, but I lost my chance.  In fact I didn’t even have photos of the place.

I could spend a semester researching and writing about Bethlehem Steel.  There are books and books on the subject, and I would say that reading up on this company will make you understand where Bethlehem came from.

Since at the time I was still learning my camera, I decided why not finally take some shots of Bethlehem Steel.  I will admit the pictures didn’t come out that great in my opinion.  Some were good, but now I think I might have to revisit to try again.  Then again it was a chilly November day, and all I wanted to do was get home and stay warm.

Second chances are always a funny thing.  For a long time I never believed in second chances.  Sometimes the first time is your only try and if it fails you just move on.  Now, I am starting to be more accepting of it, but staying cautious.  Bethlehem Steel was given a second chance, as a structure not a business, and managed to take their second chance and make the best of it.


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