Bethlehem, PA – 11/23/12

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania again!?  Yes, Bethlehem once again.  I grew up in Bethlehem five years of age till my senior year in high school.  Everything I learned, grew to love, and who I became is found in the streets of this city.  I can show anyone where I use to go to buy my favorite comics, music, and food.  I can also show where I got in trouble the most or where I use to adventure after school.  Heck, I can even show you where I had my first kiss or where I saw my first ‘R’ rated movie.  Everywhere I go, every inch of the sidewalk is a reminder.

Since I am starting to get a better handle on my new camera, I wanted to photograph the autumn season in a small town.  Bethlehem is always my go to location.  Not only because I know the area, but because the colors are vibrant during the season.

My first spot was The Boyd theatre.  Currently under reservation, for what seems like forever, this theatre was my go to theatre.  I have seen many films with friends and dates here. I also saw my first ‘R’ rated film here. This would also be the first time I saw a naked woman on the big screen.  The Whole Nine Yards for anyone taking notes.

The following spot was the Moravian Cemetery.  One might think, “Why would you want to go into a cemetery?”  First off there is plenty of beauty in cemeteries, second this cemetery has huge amounts of history that it has to be visited.  Also, I did conduct a Bethlehem Ghost Tour all month last October and it may or may not be haunted.  That is up to you to decide.

Lastly, I wandered around Hotel Bethlehem.  One of the many major attractions in Bethlehem that I always wanted a picture of and I think I got what I wanted.  I then continued to wander around and take photos of doorknobs.  What might seem boring to some, but if you walk around Bethlehem you will notice that everything has detail.  If you blink you might miss it.

Bethlehem 70 Bethlehem 71 Bethlehem 72 Bethlehem 73 Bethlehem 74 Bethlehem 75 Bethlehem 76 Bethlehem 77 Bethlehm 78 Bethlehm 79

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