The New Amsterdams – At The Foot Of My Rival

New Amsterdams - At The Foot Of My RivalIt’s a new year, and what better way to celebrate than to listen to a New Amsterdams album.  This album was considered to be out of print on vinyl and to possibly be the last album they would release.  However, it seems to be available to purchase again, but we still don’t know if we will hear new music.  Yet, if this is the last album our ears gracelessly hear from the New Amsterdams, let it be, because this album is a good way to go out.

Fronted by the multi-talented Matt Pryor, At the Foot of My Rival shows how Matt Pryor can make simple songs sound beautiful and thrilling.  The album features all new material by the New Amsterdams and Matt Pryor said that he wanted this album to be a rock album.  I believe he did.

Right away the album doesn’t disappoint.  With songs like “Fountain of Youth”, “Wait”, “A Beacon in Beige”, and “Story Like A Scar” the listener knows right away that this album won’t be only acoustic but electric guitars also.  Still, the New Amsterdams know how to take it to a quiet evening with songs like “This Day Is Done”, “Drunk or Dead”, and “Fortunate Fool”.

The opening drums in “Without a Sound” sound perfect. Matt Pryor shows the audience that he can still compose a good rock song no matter who’s playing.  Then he bounces back to a slow and relaxing tune like “Silver Lake”, where the title says it all.  Just imagine sitting in an Adirondack chair and looking at a lake while the sun sets in the late month of August.  This song paints that picture for all to see that sometimes the simple things in life are the most enjoyable.

“Life is too rich,
To waste it waiting around for you”

“Hughes” is another song that is for a quiet evening.  This song could have been featured on Matt Pryor’s solo album Confidence Man.  It has the perfect elements as to why Matt Pryor is one of my favorite songwriters.

“Love is a long shot,
Love is a bird in hand,
When this stops,
We’ll be laughing,
Sing our songs,
Though they’re barely heard.”

Even though the New Amsterdams haven’t put anything new out after this album, this album sends the band off with a bang.

As I said before, this album was considered to be out of print.  However, it is once again available to order.  See link below.  Simple packaging, featuring a one sheet, but no digital download for the ones that wanted an immediate download.  The record itself is produced on a 180 gram black vinyl, and sounds perfect when played loud.  It might be wise to pick this album up because it will sell out and is worth the asking price.

“Fortunate fool,
Love got the best of you”


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