Abandoned Farm House – Stewartsville, NJ – 12/2/12

Disclaimer:  I do not promote trespassing on grounds that is off limits to the public.  If you wish to visit an abandoned place, for your safety, please reach out to the property owners to gain access.  If you don’t, I am not held accountable for the fines or injuries that may occur.

Confidence, some of us have it and others have little to none of it. Personally, I only feel confident when I know I am almost certain about something. Then again I think that’s how we all feel in certain situations. People have given me compliments on a lot of things, including photos, but I just kind of smile and turn away. I have a hard time accepting compliments or think my photos are somewhat good. This set though; I will take any compliments on, for it is, in my eyes, my best work yet.

Every day I drive from Easton, PA to Hackettstown, NJ. Are you catching on as to where I work yet? Once I cross into New Jersey I take Route 57. I fairly nice drive with some interesting structures lining the road way. This farm though, has always caught my eyes. Still does. It wasn’t until I saw a sign on the property that said ‘For Sale’. I knew I had to stop on the weekend and take photos of this beautiful, abandoned property. Whoever buys it will most likely destroy it.

My friend and I stopped and explored the property best we could. Obviously there are signs of presents left by wild animals, so watch your step. I first explored what looks like the shed. I already had my photos in mind. When I started taking photos, it was a calming and relaxing feeling. Almost like a dream was coming true. I have been making eyes at this place for months. Now that I am finally doing it, it felt right.

The main house was my next destination, but I don’t think it should be explored all the way through. My friend, who doesn’t care a whole lot about things, even said I wouldn’t go in there. The foundation doesn’t seem stable. One might fall right through. The little bit I walked in, I could see the second floor because there are holes in the floor everywhere. I took pictures of what I could and left.

While leaving I felt accomplished. I finally took photos of something I’ve been dying to. My next quest is not only go back, but to find out what the story is. This place is massive and across the street is a silo. A family had to have lived here before. Who lived here? What happened? Why does New Jersey have some many abandoned buildings? Some things we will never find out I guess.

P Burg 1 P Burg 2 P Burg 3 P Burg 4 P Burg 5 P Burg 6 P Burg 7 P Burg 8 P Burg 9 P Burg 10

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