Run Kid Run – University Of Scranton – Scranton, PA – 2/14/13

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that people either hate or like.  It is hard to find someone in the in between.  I myself have mixed feelings about it, but I have to say my Valentine’s Day this year was probably one of the best.  Last week I found out a band I hold close to me was playing a one off show at the University of Scranton in Scranton, PA.  I had to get to this.  I haven’t seen this band since my tour with The Fold on the Tooth and Nail Records Tour.  After some extensive research I was able to find out that the show was not only free but open to non-students.  I wonder if Dwight Schrute from The Office would be in attendance.

The band is Run Kid Run.  Their last album Patterns was an album I thought would finally push this band into the mainstream.  I guess there were other plans, because the album went under the radar for many.  I highly suggest watching this video and making a judgment.  I think we would agree this band should be huge.

The University of Scranton set the mood for the show.  Enough room for people to stand in front of the stage, and tables for couples that wanted to sit with candles and rose peddles.  Then you have Run Kid Run, a band who sings about the best parts of love, like in songs Daylight and One In A Million.  It was a perfect way to start your Valentine’s Day with your love one.

Run Kid Run hasn’t played a show in about five months, and it didn’t show.  These guys sounded tight as ever.  That’s the thing with Run Kid Run; these guys have been together for years.  Like any good relationship it just comes natural and you can tell these guys have a good relationship with each other.  It was all jokes and smiles in between songs.  David’s vocals sounded just as good as the recordings, except occasional he would throw in some higher notes not on the recordings.  This gave the songs a different feel in a good way.  Neil’s back-up vocals shined throughout the night also, especially when he sang Aaron Gillespie from The Almost’s part on Someway Somehow.  I thought a drum and bass solo from Matt and Paul would’ve have been the highlight of the night though, but there was only 30 seconds of that.

As for me, the red light of death was on the whole night.  Which seems appropriate for Valentine’s Day, but not when you are taking photos.  However, I always try to turn a bad situation into a good situation.  The red light was clear on all photos, but I think I turned that around.  I must say, the end result makes me proud of these photos.

Overall, Run Kid Run played a good amount of their discography.  For those that didn’t know them, I think they got a good taste as too who Run Kid Run is.  After their set, it was like I was back on tour.  Just talking to the guys about music, life, the future, and the show.  It was good to catch up with these guys.  Run Kid Run, and their old band Side Walk Slam, are bands that I hold close to me.  I think no matter how old I get I will always listen to their music.  If you don’t know who Run Kid Run is though, you still have time to check them out, I don’t think there done yet.  I think they have only just begun.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see Dwight in attendance, but I think he would’ve approved.

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