Bethlehem, PA – 2/3/13

Bethlehem…again?  Yep, Bethlehem again.  The redundancy of work and school during the week got the creative side of my mind screaming at me.  For me, I can only take so much of the same thing until I want to create something.  In this case, it was to take photos.  I didn’t know where to go because with the combination of the weather and the gloomy sky I just wanted to get a quick fix.

In a mood like this, I don’t care what I take a picture of.  Good, bad, so-so, I just wanted to get out there.  Unfortunately, this was probably the shortest set I took.  One, it was frigid cold, and two, sometimes you aren’t feeling it.  It happens, but you have to not get discouraged.  I am only posting 3 photos of the shoot.  I have others, but they only add to the proof that I was cold and my mind was somewhere else.

Even these three photos are deemed as not that good, but I wanted to post them anyways.  Reason being, not all photos you take can be the best.  I like to think I am the worst critic on my photos.  Yet, I may see my worst efforts, but someone else might see exciting.  In short, take these photos as a reminder that not all your creative efforts are the best, but just keep going.


Bethlehem 84 Bethlehem 85 Bethlehem 86

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