The Early November – LAUNCH Music Conference and Festival at Lancaster County Convention Center – Lancaster, PA – 4/27/13

My next show for the night was in Lancaster, PA with The Early November.  It was about 9:00 and it takes about an hour and a half to get there from Philadelphia.  I just finished photographing Good Old War and I was ready to take on 76.  I got maybe 10 minutes into my drive and was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic.  Only in Philadelphia.  I managed to get off an exit that led me through a town where the houses were way too big for my taste and they all had gates.  I wondered if M. Night Shyamalan lives in one of them?

Eventually I found my way to familiar territories.  I went to college in the area and knew where to go, but unfortunately my estimated arrival time was 10:57.  The Early November were taking the stage at 10:15 and ending at 11:00.  It didn’t look like I was going to make it, but as I drove my estimated arrival time was getting earlier.  I was five minutes away when I was pulled over for speeding.  Ouch.  After receiving a $142 ticket, I got to the Convention Center at 11:00.  My luck was still going, because The Early November was still playing.

I walked in on The Early November finishing “Ever So Sweet”.  Right away I went for my shots.  During the last song, “Every Night’s Another Story”, I managed to get the many faces of Sergio.  I hope he doesn’t mind the photos.  I thought it was like a flip book, and I hope he finds it funny.  The band left and came back on stage to play an encore.  The fans request “Hair” and it was done.  Even though I missed most of both bands I photographed sets’, what I heard sounded amazing from each.  Good thing this wasn’t the first time seeing either of them.

After the show I talked with the band, hung out with my friend in Lancaster, and started my long drive home.  It was a crazy night and even though it ended as a very expensive night, I learned some things.  Never overbook yourself and drive within the speed limit.  I never went to two shows in one night, and it was a rush but I think next time I will stick with one.  The things I do for the bands I like.

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