Good Old War – Electric Factory – Philadelphia, PA – 4/27/13

It’s been a while since I pushed myself to the limit.  Last night dealt with me photographing two concerts in two different cities that are an hour and a half away.  Sounds fine, but the first show started at 8:30 and the second show started at 10:15.  Enough time to travel, but it wasn’t.  My first concert was Good Old War at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA.

Getting into Philadelphia was the easiest that it has ever been, but the way out didn’t look so good.  When I got to the venue, my clock started.  It was 8:00 and the will call booth notified me there was no photo pass for me.  Not good, but after explaining the situation the nice girl gave me the pass.  If you are reading this, let me know!  I will send you the e-mail trail from Good Old War’s publicist.

I was in the front of the barricade by 8:20.  Time was counting down, and since Good Old War was the opening band I didn’t have to stay for all the bands.  I only get the first 3 songs to photograph and planned to be out by 8:45.  I wished I could’ve stayed for the whole set, but I had to get to Lancaster, PA.

Good Old War opened with Coney Island and as always they sounded tight as ever.  Growing up I listened to Days Away, the band before Good Old War, but Good Old War has blown that band out of the water.  The musicianship and harmonies are always a pleasure to hear.  Even though the average audience goers were in their mid-forties, the headliner was The Hooters; I think Good Old War made a lot of new fans.  I tried to get as many photos as I could, but the stage is high up and Good Old War didn’t have the whole stage since they were the openers.

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