Bane – Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA – 12/1/13

The first and last time I saw Bane live was at This Is Hardcore 2011 in Philadelphia, PA.  I knew what hardcore music was and knew what type of audience it would be like, but when Bane took the stage I was fascinated.  There was something different about them, the positivity from the crowd, the energy, I am not sure, but I became a fan that day.  However, it wouldn’t be until a matinee show two years later that I’d see Bane live again.

Just like when I saw them two years ago, Bane still brings the energy, even if the stage is big as a bed, and the crowd is overwhelmed with a sense of positivity.  I know some people may think music like this causes people to become aggressive and from the outside looks like they are hurting each other.  The truth is, at least at the shows I’ve been to, everyone has respect for each other.  Black or white, straight edge or not, when you are there together the only thing that matters is being there together.

Bane ripped through a great set where there was constant sing alongs, pile ups, and the occasional stage dives even though it was small room.  However, the small room made the show since it brought that intimacy.  In between songs lead singer Aaron Bedard would have a few snippets of talk.  One that resonated with me was after the song “The Young and the Restless.”  He mentions that the song is about not giving up and staying the path you’re on.  An example he used was being straight edge.  He said when you hit your 30’s, some people think that you should expire that lifestyle, but for what reason?  To me, being 26 and never touching anything ever, this lifestyle gives me pride and lets me be who I want to be.  Just like being at this show, I am able to be who I want to be and not be judged by my peers.

Sadly towards the end of their set, Aaron mentioned that soon Bane will “disappear”.  However, before that we will get a new full length and a few more This Is Hardcore shows.  The band then proceeded to play “Can We Start Again”, which is an anthem of sort for the band and a great way to end their show.

Unfortunately since this is a hardcore show, getting to the front to photograph was tough.  Trying to not be a pain to people and get hit is something I try to avoid.  That and two other photographers had the best spots.  I will say from where I was, I was able to get a few good shots and the look makes them seem like old hardcore photographs.  Also because of my position, this was the first time shooting in a different setting than other shoots and everything was done all in black and white.  Hopefully though, I will see Bane again before they “disappear”.

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