Asbury Park, New Jersey – 10/26/13

Life has been fairly quiet lately.  The season of being with loved ones and giving back is upon us.  However with that, the temperatures outside become unbearable to go out and photograph.  I’ll eventually make my way outside, but for now I am enjoying my time off from school and planning my attack for the New Year to come.

To hold myself over, this post will be of three photos I took at Asbury Park, New Jersey minutes before the Obi Fernandez and Spring Heeled Jack show.  I’m still learning how to take photographs at night, but the lighting of the abandoned casino was perfect.  I am happy with the turnout of these photos and surprised I didn’t post them earlier.

There is something about New Jersey that I am drawn to, not because I was born there and have family, but something deeper.  It is the same reason I am drawn to New England.  Maybe it has something to do with all great writers, musicians, and inventors are from both areas and it radiates strongly.  Either way, there is still so much to see in New Jersey, but I have bigger things in mind.

Asbury Park 1 Asbury Park 2 Asbury Park 3

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