Koji – Blackburn Hall – Watchung, NJ – 5/31/14

What seems like years, I finally got to see my friend Koji again and play in a church basement in Watchung, NJ.  It’s been a long time since both of us have attended a church/basement show and it was actually a nice reminisces.  The great thing about the show was that it was put together by young kids and it was a benefit show for Habit for Humanity.  It is great when I see the youth doing something like this.  It gives me hope that they care about other things other than their cell phone, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and also that they appreciate good music like Koji.

It’s odd though to think that Koji and I are now the older people that kids look up to.  Granted, Koji got asked more questions than I did, but it is nice and strange to see kids actually asking me questions about music and straight edge.  I should mention there was a lot of kids there wearing the straight edge lifestyle, hopefully they stick with it.  I talked to the kids as honest and real with them to show I’m not some jaded 27 years old.  I hope they enjoyed what I had to say, and if they read this, keep doing what you are doing.

Koji on the other hand just came back from the U.K. on a tour and performed a short set featuring material off Crooked in My Mind and other older e.p.’s and splits.  In between songs he talked about how the youth needs to start taking action and get off their computer and smart phones.  This show signified that.  He did play a new song also which sounded great as always.  Even though I’ve know Koji for years, I still get excited to hear what he will have coming out next.  He is the most genuine and nicest musician I know and if you see he is playing near you go check it out.  You will leave feeling joyful about life.


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