Glen Onoko Falls – Jim Thorpe, PA – 6/7/14

Decided a few weeks back to take a break from work and school and enjoy a day away from it all.  When I thought about where and what I should do, only one place came to mind, Glen Onoko Falls in Jim Thorpe, PA.  My little getaway I guess you can say.  Jim Thorpe is always a great place to visit to rejuvenate.  I like to call it the little Salem, MA because in the fall it is just beautiful.

My friends and I climbed the waterfalls and went further this time to a great look out point I didn’t know existed.  A great sight to see.  I am still learning how to take landscape photos.  Once school is done I can devote more time to photography.  With this class done I already learned new things in Lightroom with the spare time I had, I’m getting there.  I hope to come back to Glen Onoko this year and I hope to remember to bring my tripod.  I need to learn how to get better shots of moving water!  Any suggestions are helpful!

Google Map to Glen Onoko Falls

Jim Thorpe 1 Jim Thorpe 5 Jim Thorpe 6 Jim Thorpe 7 Jim Thorpe 8

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